The Wizard of Snow
Welcome to Winter's Castle. Have a nice longlasting-tiredless trip.




오늘이 제일 더워ㅠ



need more picture like this on dashboard <3

Ryota Kise’s Mix and Match Colour of Yellow Inspiration

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Professor Wills & Athena

Sorry I always post CAS screenshots and not in-game picture. My laptop can’t handle the game I don’t know why. if I try entering the game, after 30-50 seconds my laptop will suddenly be restarted. I miss playing my game huhu ( T-T)/

I just found it on simsecret. Is this text legit or not? If so I’m sorry because I also did put some ‘prohibited’ characters for my CC file name.

I’m curious, how can some certain characters affect load time? I need a CC expert to explain this, thank you :)


Drawing my OCs huehue~ I love them! (๑>◡<๑)

Retouch an old photo (4)

Retouch an old photo (3)

Retouch an old photo (2)

Retouch an old photo (1)

Kise’s look

Ryota Kise

need more suitable hair, link me to your recommended hair for him pls thank you (๑>◡<๑)